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As a Training Organisation your business is built around your customers, gaining new ones and retaining existing ones. Training is a very competitive market which makes marketing and advertising your training events very time consuming and expensive, with literally thousands of companies offering the same or similar services as your business.

This is why joining the Genius Sales Network is a simple, no risk solution for your business, by advertising your training courses to corporate training buyers and the general public with no up front costs and no financial risk to you.

Join the Genius Sales Network

Game Changer

The Genius Sales Network is a game changer, and there isn't another service like ours anywhere. That's a big statement to make, here's why!
This is because we are NOT a broker service, and we are NOT a paid advertising network either, we are a hybrid of both. We are simply a marketing service which allows you to extend your marketing reach, so think of the Genius Sales Network as an extension of your own website.

How are we Different?

Firstly there are no up front or monthly costs and when a customer books your training courses via the Genius Sales Network they are booking the course directly with you, the trainer, just as if the customer had booked via your own website. This also means that the customer pays YOU directly!
We do not employ any staff to monitor & process orders, speak with or deal with customers, that is all up to you.
Unlike brokers we don't hide who the training provider is, in fact we actively encourage customers to contact you directly, we even display all of your contact details right within each of your training events along with a button which allows the customer to email you without leaving the page.



We are not a Broker...

Broker Model

The Genius Sales Network is different, we do not act as the middle man, in fact we have no contact with the customer at all.

Sales Network Model



Your Payments, No Risk, No Delays

We have partnered with which is a secure credit/debit card payment system to allow customers to pay for their training via this website.
When customers pay for their booking by credit or debit card (at the point of purchase) the FULL amount of money paid is taken straight from the customers card and placed directly into your bank account via your Stripe account within 48 hours completely bypassing Genius. We never see the payment, and we have nothing to do with it at all which means you never have to chase us for payment and there is no financial risk for you.

Stripe and Genius Pay





How does it work?

We provide you with secure access to the Genius Lite (which is a Training Management System) so you are able to list all of your training events on the Training Course Network website and across the Genius Sales Network automatically via an industry first 'Live Feed'.
The number of places available is displayed for each event, live and in real time allowing the customer to make an informed choice on which event to book and with which training provider.

When the customer places an order all of the order information including the customers details and the order details is entered into your Genius Training Management System and you will receive an order confirmation email so you are aware of the booking in real time. This allows you to quickly process the order, send Joining Instructions and any supporting documentation that you require. Genius Training Management System will then securely store all of your customer, learner and order information.

Training Course Network doesn't hide who the training provider of each event is, in fact we actively promote this information to the customer, even giving you your own profile page where you can write a brief profile about your own business to allow customers to make an informed decision about who to book with.
We also display your contact details allowing customers to contact you directly if they wish.


To use the Genius Sales Network there are three requirements. These requirements are there to speed up the process of accepting orders, make the process as secure as possible and to ensure that you receive prompt payment for services.

1) We give you FREE access to Genius Lite to upload your courses and to process your orders from our sales network. This is YOUR responsibility as we do not have staff managing your orders.

2) You will need to open an account with to accept card payments. This is free to setup, takes approximately 3 minutes and there are no ongoing monthly fees. Stripe will process your credit/debit card payments and provide the full total cleared funds directly to you within 48 business hours.

3) You will need to enter into a direct debit agreement with us which we use to take the 'commission' that we earn from each sale. We use GoCardless for this. There are no additional charges to you for this service, it's free to set up the account and takes less than 1 minute.

These three services dramatically speed up and automate the entire process when a customer places an order via our sales network.

How much does it cost?

Genius Sales Network operates differently to training course brokers in that we don't add anything on to the sale price of training courses and you receive full payment for each order at the time of sale direct from the customer, we then invoice you 18% of each sale at the end of each month which you pay by direct debit.
There are no monthly costs and if you don't receive any bookings there are no costs to you.

If you would like enquire about the Genius Sales Network please call on:  0330 113 7783 or visit our website now.


Genius Training management Platform




Who are Genius Software?

Genius Software Ltd is a software development company employing a team of web developers, designers, and software engineers.
Read more about Genius Software Ltd.

What is Genius?
Genius is a Training Management System that was designed and developed from scratch specifically for training providers to make running a busy training business easier by automating many of the administration tasks.

The 'Genius Training Management System' (we call it Genius) is a bespoke cloud based system that is used by many training providers throughout the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada to manage their training business, from one person owner trainers through to large training organisations and international corporations employing hundreds of staff.
The best way to understand Genius is to book a free online demo, this will explain how Genius works and how it will benefit your training business, or sign up for a 14 Day Free Trial which gives you the full features of Genius including Free Unlimited UK based Telephone Support.

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