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Training Course Questions


Training Course Question    Who runs your training courses?

Training Course Answer     When you book with us you are booking directly with the training provider, we just provide the software to allow you to place the order.
This means that the instant you place your order it is shown in the training providers management software just as if you had booked via their own website. We are completely unique in this sense, as broker websites don't do this.


Training Course Question    How do your prices compare to going direct to the provider?

Training Course Answer     Our prices are generally usually lower than booking direct with the training provider, because we sell at the same price as the training sell on their own website but you also earn loyalty points when you book with us which gives you a discount.
Our service is very unique in that all training courses displayed are taken as a feed from the training providers management software (because we provide that software to them). The price displayed is the price that the training provider sells the course for on their own website so you can think of this website as an extension of the training providers website but with the benefit of earning loyalty points on every order.


Training Course Question    How do I know there is availability on this course?

Training Course Answer     We are the only training booking service in the UK who has 'Live' feeds from every training provider which shows real time booking availability and numbers.


Training Course Question    What training facilities / venues do you operate from?

Training Course Answer     Training providers use many different types of training facilities right across the United Kingdom including conference centres, training centres, hotels and function rooms. The full address of the training venue is displayed for you (including a google map).
In the case of in house training you can choose your own training venue (your premises for example) and the trainer comes to you.


Training Course Question    I have never done a training course before, what should I expect?

Training Course Answer     Don't worry all of our trainers are extremely friendly and helpful. They are there to ensure that you pass your chosen training course.

We actually have a 'What to expect' section under the 'Essential Information' tab on the details page of every training course, so this will give you an idea of what to expect.


Training Course Question    How long does my certificate take to arrive?

Training Course Answer     It really depends on which course you take, some are printed by the training provider so are very quick and may be handed to you on completion of your course and some have to be officially printed by the accrediting body so for example NEBOSH certificates can take up to 14 weeks to arrive. Your training provider can usually provide you a 'proof of pass' letter/email in case you need it for your employer. If you are not sure about this we do supply the training providers contact details so feel free to contact them to ask. Tell them you saw their training course here!


Training Course Question    Why do course prices for the same course differ so much?

Training Course Answer     Different training providers charge different prices, this is usually due to the location/venue of the course and based on their business costs in running the course. Regardless of price all of the accredited courses follow the same course outline and guidelines and when passed carry the exact same qualification.


Training Course Question    I am looking for a training course but can't find it on your web site, can you find one for me?

Training Course Answer     If you register an enquiry our training providers will see your enquiry and will then contact you individually if they can help you. This saves you hours searching the web for your training. Make a training enquiry.





In House / Private Training


Training Course Question    I am looking for a trainer to come and train our staff (In House / Private training) can you help?

Training Course Answer     We operate a very unique 'Tender' service for in house / private training. You fill a very short enquiry form and our training providers are notified about your enquiry. They can then reply directly to you with their services and prices within 24 hours. This means you get to choose the absolute best possible deal for you anywhere in the UK without scouring lots of websites and wasting your time. Make an in house training enquiry.


Training Course Question    We need to merge some of our training into another training course, can you do this?

Training Course Answer     In House training / private bespoke training is no problem. Our training providers often run courses for companies where they integrate 'induction' for new employees or add some site safety in etc. They can tailor the course to your exact needs, just tell them what you want. Make an in house training enquiry.





Booking your Training


Training Course Question    How do i book a training course?

Training Course Answer     You can book your training course via this web site.
When you place your booking via this web site the booking automatically appears in the training providers booking system. The trainer then contacts you the same day (if you book before 3pm) or the next business day to arrange payment if you have not paid online. See 'How do I pay for my training course' (below).


Training Course Question    I am booking the training course for someone else, so who's name do I register it in?

Training Course Answer     The majority of training courses are booked by companies for employees. In this case please register your company name and your contact details with your name and telephone details as the primary contact, you will be asked for the learners name at the end of the booking.
If you are not sure about this just register everything in your own name and the training provider will add the learners details for you when they contact you.





Paying for your Training


Training Course Question    How do I pay for my training course?

Training Course Answer     We always recommend paying by credit/debit card at the point of placing your order to guarantee your place on the course. Plus when you pay by card your purchase is automatically covered by your banks purchase insurance meaning this is the safest and most secure payment option.
Depending which training provider you book with you can pay by Cheque, on Account (for commercial clients), BACS (Bank Transfer) or by Credit/Debit card.


Training Course Question    Do you offer credit or government funding?

Training Course Answer     Unfortunately we DO NOT offer credit for training courses.
However the training provider who is running the course may offer credit / grants etc, therefore we advise you to contact the training provider of your chosen training course and ask them this question directly. You will find their contact details listed with the course.





Why book with us?


Training Course Question    Why should I book my training course with you?

Training Course Answer     We know you have lots of options when it comes to booking your training, however booking with us gives you these great benefits.

  You are booking direct with the Trainer who runs the course.
  We list thousands of courses at hundreds of venues right across the UK.
  The price that you pay is the exact same price as going direct to the training provider.
  You earn Loyalty Points on every order making booking via this website cheaper than going direct to the trainer.
  You know when you book with us that you are booking on a course with places available due to our real time availability system.
  We only work with the best and most reliable training course providers giving you peace of mind.
  If you are looking for in house / private training our training providers will contact you with their very best prices and deals allowing you to choose the best deal for you.


Training Course Question    What if I have a complaint?

Training Course Answer     We display the training provider and contact details allowing you to contact them directly in case of emergency or complaint.


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