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Working at Heights Training Course Training Courses

This course provides delegates a thorough working knowledge of the Work at Height Regulations 2005, as well as covering any other relevant health and safety laws.

The course covers all key aspects which relate to working safely at height. Trainers will also instruct delegates on how to handle specific, jobs, locations and situations; providing details on any extra equipment or measures that might be necessary.

One of the key points to this course details how to maintain the safest working environment possible, using appropriate safety equipment and practices. These various practices and safest methods of working are introduced and expanded upon over the course’s duration, fully educating delegates on their duties and responsibilities according to the trade and specific type of work.

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Course Venue Dates Price
Working at Heights Via Training Centre
NG22 8ST

Trainer: Via East Midlands Ltd
24/11/2020 - 24/11/2020
(1/2 Day )
£75.00 + vat



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